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So What is Which Where?

Did I have a stroke? Did someone blindfold a gerbil and write down the first two words it chewed on? Not this time! Which Where is the name of an interdimensional game that transcends space and time. The unfortunate souls caught up in the competition often don't know which universe they are in, or where they have to go next.

You see, billions of years ago--before anything was cool--there was a pantheon of Masters. The Masters are a race of god-like beings who can travel between alternate realities and manipulate different aspects of the universe. After a terrible misunderstanding, the Masters lost their infinite power, which became scattered over the multiverse in the form of physical "Relics". For each Master, a Relic was lost.

After millennia of desperation, they learned an inexplicable catch to their Relics: only a mortal could find them. Only living bodies could retrieve them. If they wanted their Relics back, they would have to recruit the help of mortals.

That's when one of the Masters, the Game Master, came up with an idea for a competition--whoever found their Relic first would become the leader of the pantheon. He and his siblings would spend eons forming--and losing--countless teams of mortal beings. As an incentive, each Master promises their teams a wish--ANY wish--as long as they win.

How are a bunch of random people from across multiple dimensions supposed to find the physical manifestation of a god's power? That's a great question--and if you ever find the answer, I know some people who would love to know. Until then, the best they can do is mindlessly wander the multiverse, chasing dubious leads and sporadic hints from their Masters in the hope that they stumble upon a Relic somewhere across the infinite number of realities.

And that is Which Where, my friends.

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