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What is the Oddstar?

Updated: Jul 17, 2020

It's not just a really weird celestial body? Is it a Death Star of strangeness? No! It's the name of the starship the Game Master gave to his team.

So what makes the Oddstar so special? It's not just its sweet orange-and-silver paint job or it's Star Fleet-style design. It's the ship's ability to travel not only between sectors of space, but the infinite dimensions of the multiverse.

You see, the Oddstar (as well as the Strangedust and other ships designed by the Masters) is equipped with an Alternate Reality Drive, or an ARD. This pseudo-quantum device allows the ship to tear passages through the space-time continuum and emerge at any point in any possible reality. It can take its crew from a deadly universe of darkness and monsters to a world of marshmallow bunny people. It's also entirely likely it could land them inside the core of a red giant star, but isn't the risk just part of the journey?

The ship itself is rather small, at least compared to the interstellar cruisers of Captain Stryke's reality. It's about the size of a typical passenger plane, which gives it just enough room for a single deck with eight crew quarters, the bridge, the cargo bay, and the lounge. The furnishings are rather minimal, but the office also houses the Oddstar's Auto-Doc, a medical device for treating routine injuries and illnesses. It also gives new crewmates their onboarding physical, including the implantation of a universal translator.

It's a trusty ship, but the Oddstar is only as good as the people who crew her. Whether that's a compliment or an insult is up for debate.

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