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Who is the Game Master?

Updated: Jul 17, 2020

Who is this omnipotent old man who won't stop harassing our heroes? Why does he want them to play his Which Where game? Is it true he carries a cane with a laughing donkey head for a handle?

This god-like being is known as the Game Master, and his motivations and reasons are hard to understand. He's the youngest member of a pantheon of Masters, each of which controls a certain aspect of the universe. His siblings include the Time Master, the Life Master, the Death Master, the Space Master, the Order Master, and the Chaos Master. Each is an offspring of the First Master; the Master of Masters.

Millennia ago, the Game Master challenged his father to a competition. Instead of playing fair, though, he cheated and proved the Master of Masters fallible, forcing the original Master to vanish from existence.

Unfortunately for the other Masters, their father was the source of their control. When he disappeared, the Masters' powers manifested as physical objects called Relics, which scattered themselves throughout the infinite dimensions of the multiverse. Now the pantheon must recover their lost Relics to restore their power.

The catch, thanks to a failsafe designed by the late First Master, is that the Relics can only be located and recovered by mortals. Flawed beings. So how were these god-aliens supposed to succeed? The Game Master had a suggestion: a game--called Which Where. With the promise of an irresistible prize and a race against other teams, the mortals will hunt down the Relics. Whichever Master seizes the first Relic will have indescribable power over their family, and each of them knows this.

The game is on. For all the power in the multiverse, someone must win Which Where, and the Game Master plans to win, no matter the cost.

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