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Who is the Oddstar Crew?

Updated: Jul 10, 2020

If you're picturing an elite squad of space marines, defeating enemies with superior technology and advanced military are wayyyyy off! Now you are disqualified from the game show and must be thrown to the hyenas.

No, the crew of the Oddstar is a collection of oddballs and misfits pulled into Which Where from across the multiverse. They were chosen by the Game Master seemingly at random, though the strange old man claims there is a method to his madness. Seven people make up the team--and I'd like to introduce you to them now.

Will Redeker - Earth A3-609

Will Redeker is a moderately accomplished thief in his late twenties, living in the same version of Earth that you do, dear reader. Wrongfully sentenced after a botched job, Will is offered a simple choice: rot in prison or play the old man's game.

Cynical by nature, Will must learn to be a team player and trust in those around him if he wants to survive and win Which Where. That turns out to be easier said than done.

Captain Billyn Stryke - Helos VV-017

Billyn Stryke, the captain appointed to lead the Oddstar, is a former smuggler from another side of the galaxy. In his reality, an evil empire controls most of the star systems while the free sectors grow smaller and fewer. An ally to the rebels, Stryke has plenty to atone for in his past. All he'd need to make it right is the wish promised to the victor of Which Where.

Trooper Maxine Graham - Titan Station D8-211

Maxine Graham is a space marine stationed on an outpost orbiting Saturn's moon, Titan. The Alliance of Earth, a homogenous coalition of humanity, is at war with the maggot race. The maggots are aliens who invaded Earth sometime in the early 1700s, only to be chased off the planet and into space in the 1940s.

Now humankind isn't taking chances. Their mission is to end the maggot threat once and for all--a mission made trivial by the Which Where wish.

Bawn de Bom - Ghena HH3-141

It's hard to miss Bawn de Bom. Over seven feet tall, Bawn is a blue-skinned, tusk-bearing mutant. He comes from a version of Earth thousands of years after an apocalyptic event. Now the planet has been renamed and repopulated by mutants who aren't too fond of each other.

Bawn was the Grand Champion of Doonai's arena. Now he's just an old man with a family. But with a wish, he could change so much for his people. Is it enough to pull the azure hulk out of retirement?

Jip - Ghena HH3-141

From the same reality as Bawn, Jip is a different kind of mutant. He is small like a child and unable to speak anything resembling words, but he sure loves to tinker. Due to his hyper-allergic skin, he wears a full leather suit, causing him to look like a deranged kid's ragdoll. Constantly harassed and threatened by the rulers of Doonai, Jip is looking for any way off the planet. Perhaps the shiny Oddstar will be his salvation...

Gary - ???

Little is known about Gary--by himself as much as his teammates. He just sorta showed up one day, always eager for a little fun. The eccentric doofus is hard to predict, but nonetheless, proves himself to be an invaluable member of the crew. Just don't let him have control of the comms system.

Shelly Ainkle - Earth P2V-17

Shelly Ainkle--a powerful empath--is the last member to join the team. She was "created" in a lab run by the fascist Canadian government. You see, in her reality, the Great White North is at war with Communist Peru. Canada needed to develop a powerful weapon to defeat their enemies--something to rival their rumored psychic warriors.

Thus Shelly was born. She spent her entire life being experimented on and imprisoned, all while being brainwashed by her captors. All of that can change with the help of a certain ship and its rag-tag crew.

Together, these seven unlikely heroes must fight against the odds to find the Game Master's Relic and win Which Where. Only then will they each win a wish of their choosing. Only then can they go home.

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