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ODDSTAR - Cover Size (Final).jpg


It was between life in prison and joining an insane treasure hunt across the multiverse. Will still wasn’t sure he made the right choice.

Will wasn’t exactly leading his best life before the Game Master came along and invited him to play Which Where. The eccentric god-being is after the Relic, and he's assembled a team of mortals to find it for him. Now all Will and Captain Billyn Stryke of the Oddstar need to do is travel between alternate realities and pick them up.

ODDSTAR is the first novel in the Which Where series, following the crew across multiple strange universes as they recruit Maxine the space trooper, Bawn the arena champ, and Shelly the empath--as well as a few unexpected hitchhikers.

Buckle up and power on the alternate reality drive because it’s gonna be a wild ride!

MULLIGAN - Cover Size (Final).jpg


If at first you don’t succeed, just reset the time loop and try again!

The Oddstar and its crew are stranded on a planet called Mull with one goal: find the Game Master’s relic. At least until a tragic event locks the team into a never-ending cycle of apocalypses. It’s up to Will, Maxine, and the rest of the party to break the cycle, save the universe, and find their treasure.

They aren’t the only ones trapped in the time loop, though. The mysterious Iterum crew is another team of Which Where players who have been at this for a long, long time.

Prepare to jump back in time over and over in the action-packed second installment of the Which Where series!

RIFTSURF - Cover Size (Final).jpg


The not-so-final frontier!

Final blurb coming soon!


Installed (Full Resolution).jpg


Dr. Karl Terrace has been framed for a deadly terror attack. It’s up to him - and the dead man in his brain - to prove his innocence.


Karl is the perfect scapegoat. No family, no friends - and a knack for being in the wrong place at the right time. That was true when he was selected to be the first man to share his mind with an installed intelligence - a groundbreaking procedure. But when he’s framed for a devastating massacre, it’s time for Karl to decide what’s worth living for… and what’s worth dying for.


With the help of Maynard Batiste, the eccentric genius installed onto his brain, Karl must uncover the truth and expose a traitor. Failure doesn’t just mean paying for the crimes of another… it could spell extinction for an entire race.

Can Karl and Maynard outrace a conspiracy? Or will the truth be hidden forever?

Corrupted Neon.jpg


One corpse - two victims. It's a typical case - at least, that's what Detective Beth Dylan thought.

Beth Dylan is a fly caught in a dark web of lies and deception. The only question is which spider is moving in to eat her first. Despite being deafened and blinded by a terrible childhood illness, Beth worked hard to become one of the city’s best detectives. Maybe that’s why she’s become a person of interest to a wanted murderer, a radical militant group, and a mysterious A.I.

At the height of tension between humans and installed intelligences, the nation's most notorious terrorist reaches out to Beth. He says he knows where to find the killer she's looking for - but he wants something in return.

Can Beth tell the difference between friend and foe and discover the truth? Or will the dark forces behind a terrible secret get to her first?

Deleted NEON.jpg


Humans weren’t the only ones to lose the Great War.

The simulation is all Ethan Myler has ever known. Day in and day out, he plays games with his friends and learns about the perfect world outside. Little does he know that a sinister Council of installed intelligences is raising him for his body. Escape is the only option.

Human Liaison Officer Tera Alvarez is tasked with policing the downtrodden humans who live in the ghettos of Shell City. The slum dwellers hate her — she can see it in their faces. But after a case of mistaken identity, it’s starting to become clear: she’s on the wrong side of a war growing just beneath the city’s surface.

Can Ethan and Tera overcome their upbringings to fight for what they believe in? Or will they fall victim to the Council like so many before them?


Timeglass Cover 2022.jpg


Kaira can stop time with the simple squeeze of a stone. With that kind of power, there is nothing she can’t do.

She and her brother belong to the lowest class of villagers in Hope, a lush oasis in the middle of a post-apocalyptic wasteland. The town is led by the Prophet, a mysterious tyrant who provides shelter from the horrors outside in exchange for total obedience. With the help of the “Divine Being”, the Prophet is able to see the future; that’s how he predicted the end of the world.

There’s something the Prophet is hiding, however. With the power of the timeglass, Kaira and her best friend Alethea can expose the leader for the tyrant he is.

Oneironaut 2022.jpg


In his dream, he was flying. In the real world, he was working as a telemarketer.

In his dream, he shares a romance with a beautiful woman. In real life, he and his wife have a loveless marriage.

It’s easy to see why Henry Morgan becomes addicted to his dreams. So much so that he ignores his responsibilities, pops sleeping pills, and dozes his life away.

But what happens when the dreams you become reliant on turn into nightmares?

A Guardian Angel COVER (2022) - Cover Size.jpg


The last thing he knew, Alfred Arnold’s house was burning down. Now he finds himself face down in the dirt of some bizarre and unknown land.

Little does our hero know he’s just entered the world of Serdame. This strange country is home to oddities like singing zombies, mountains made of wood, and sandwich-craving dragons. Alfred Arnold would be overwhelmed by the weirdness if it wasn’t for the companionship of the retired knight Sir Procrastination and the curious Lavandra.

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